Summer - 2013

Well, as always it's been a while since I posted.  Here are some new photos of what I've been up to.

Holdin' onto these quite a bit.

An older one - healed.

Some asparagus.   Stuff like this is my bread and butter.

Some beehives, These were real fun ones.

Do you ever think about... like... Hexagons?

Another real fun one.  Hand poked circle.

A nice big outline.  One of a couple larger tattoos I've started lately.

I got to polish up this one, one of my favorite tattoos ever. 

It felt cool to do this one, a big ole heart and a pair of lungs. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting away with a lot these days.  Line-blasted tree.  When I was really young, I had a wonderful artist friend take me to a windrow of willows and ask me to draw them.  That was the day I learned about "shorthand" drawing. 

I was happy with how this olive branch turned out.

Cover-up patch.

Just for fun patch.  With another cover up to the right.

A three quarter sleeve I've been working on.  I'm happy to have something large to show people.

Roses are good.

Some details of the four circles piece. 

And beautifull Avery!

Thanks for looking, Bram


A tiger!

As always, thanks for looking. Here are some new Tattoos.

I was happy with this one.

You might've seen this already. Cosmic whale.

It's always nice to do some tattoos by hand. Without the aid of electricity.

Ukranian Pattern.

Another one you might've seen already. New photo though.


Happy Acts

In his classic How To Act With Words, J.L.Austin effectively brought about the idea that words (and by extension - other symbolic actions) can change things in the world - they are "performative". In his analysis, he used several categories of his own design. 
Claiming they cannot be considered true or false, Austin proposes to divide speech acts into happy and unhappy ones (the terms seem to have been later substituted (?) by effective, successful or fortunate). The happy ones would be those which achieve the goal of changing reality. The unhappy ones - those which, although they have been constructed correctly, did not achieve this goal (e.g. someone promises something but does not intend to keep his promise).
Austin could have named his categories Alfa and Beta. Instead, he gave them emotionally charged descriptions. As in: insanely charged. You could say this is just British pragmatism, which has a thing for being playful. But this is a text about the performativity of words. A far-going analysis of the effectiveness of language. Why would the term happy appear in such a context? Is Austin making fun of us, engaging us in value judgements, which, being the decent participants of performativity we are, won't be able to leave? Maybe he implies that even the description of communication requires emotion and engagement. Conventions couldn't possibly be innocent. Accepting them is always burning hot, irrational, un-conscious.
One other thing - calling an act happy is anthropomorphizing it. More precisely - it is claiming that acts have an agency. 
You know, when artists talk about works as if they were people: What does the work need? What does it ask of me? 
Even when we act alone, the act - also the artistic act - doesn't allow for solitude. The more of an act it becomes (does every action get to be an act?), the more it challenges us, burdening us with its agency.
And if we want it to perform, it better be happy.



Late March - 2013

I've been back from vacation for nearly a month now, it feels great to be back and working with a renewed sense of direction. The shop has a lot of momentum right now, with really great work coming out every day. I've taken on a couple larger scale pieces lately, you should be able to see some images of how that unfolds in the coming months. Thanks to all my clients for your open mindedness.

If you're thinking of having a piece done by me some time in the near future, heads up that I am booked tight for nearly a month right now and I expect that to carry on through the summer. Call or stop by the shop to book a consultation, and please let them know if you're interested in a larger piece so that we can book an appropriate amount of time.

Commercial film processing in the city is in a transitional period right now, all my film is being processed by hand in tanks rather than with a machine, so expect a bit longer lag-time, and more lively images. Hand printed stuff? Maybe some time soon.

All healed up.

More fun weird stuff.

The start of one of the large scale pieces I was mentioning earlier.

Simple tattoos are the hardest, I was proud of this circle stencil. India ink on paper, 2013.
Thanks for looking.


A pterodactyl skeleton, really cool.

A rose mandala in progress. More work like this please!
Thanks for looking, Bram.


Here are a few new tattoo photos. In a few months I should have a nice new blog up. Keep your eyes open.

Thanks for looking. Bram


First roll of the New Year.

I just got my first roll back of the new year. Thanks to whoever it was that took the time to develop this film without the aid of machinery.


Some dogs, the artwork was given to me by the client, the Artist was her Father.

A tobacco pland for the other shoulder.

Some alchemical symbols.

Thanks for looking.